THE Record Company in Session 1
25th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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THE Record Company

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25th May 2018, 11:00 AM

Had trouble getting good screencaps for this part, so the quality has dropped. But yeah Hill Valley is just like mall where some stores are gone and others are good. The historical places are dropped for new age and progress.

Updates on Su, We, Fr.


Rob: Marty, you are all done with school for the week! Jennifer's dad is picking her up in the town square. That's where you are now.
Lea: Anything special going on in town?
Rob: I mean it's October. So I imagine there is a van going around telling you to re-elect someone. Mayors can be re-elected on odd years. I am sticking with Goldie Wilson.
Lea: You didn't tell us about Hill Valley. What is it like?
Rob: It has seen better days. Like parts of town are in obvious decay. Some shops are more looked after than others.
Mike: Jennifer and Marty. What are they doing as they walk through town?
Rob: She is encouraging you to send the tape of your music in the record company.
Mike: *In Marty's Voice* THE record company.
Mike: The record company for all the music of 1985!?
Rob: Don't be a smart ass. Jennifer doesn't have a sheet ye. I don't know her knowledge of the music industry yet.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* Sorry.

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