Dogs or Lions? in Session 1
1st Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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Dogs or Lions?

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1st Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

So the GM can't draw conventionally. He ends up using a lot of online programs for the town layouts and good descriptions. Everything else he asks for Tommy's help, with some commission money.

It took me skipping ahead in the movie to find out those were lions. They are still spooky as heck. Cursed vibe 8/10.

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Lea: What does this cursed tower look like?
Rob: I actually drew up a picture!
Lea: I never knew dogs could make something look so cursed.
Rob: They are lions...
Lea: Oh...
Mike: We will keep working on the art. Anyway, how do I get this lady to leave?
Rob: She is collecting money, so give her some.
Mike: Is she asking for money to stop the curse?
Rob: Nah, just to get the gears working.
Mike: I totally give her money then.
Rob: She has a real big smile on her as she thanks you.
Tommy: Aw, that's cute.
Rob: She gives you a flyer too.

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