Blind Spot in Session 1
8th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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Blind Spot

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8th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

Lots going on here.
Jeff quickly corrects himself. Rob has a moment that could have lead to a meltdown. His friends help him out. And of course Biff was lent the car because he can't legally drive his own.

Before my accident I thought the damage was minor but, no. It's really bad.

Updates (su, we, fr)


Jeff: N-no. I mean that's whay we talked about in the car on the way here. That Biff wrecked the car.
Tommy: Ah, yeah I remember now. Don't scare me like that Jeff.
Mike: Same.
Lea: Rob?
Tommy: Robert. Buddy. It's okay. Nothing is wrong with the car. Jeff meant in game. Our car is fine.
Mike: Why don't we get back into the game? Would that help?
Rob: Yes, please! Well since Marty is home to see the car wrecked, I bet he isn't happy. Tommy, can you start with Biff, please?
Tommy: *in Biff's voice* McFly, why the hell did you lend me you car if ya knew it had a blind spot?
Lea: Why did Biff need a car anyway?
Tommy: It's not because of DWI or anything. Nope.

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