Insurance is better than taxes in Session 1
10th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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Insurance is better than taxes

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10th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

Biff has standards at this point in his life. He won't use heavy swears in front of George's kids.

Mike is just not into the family drama.

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: *in George's voice* Now Biff; If you look over the shoulder while driving there should have been no problems.
Tommy: *in Biff's voice* You calling me a liar you fu-
Jeff: *in George's voice* Hi son.
Tommy: Biff stops to look over at Marty before he keeps talking.
Tommy: *in Biff's voice* McFly, do you need new glasses? That's the only damn reason I can think of that you wouldn't know about it!
Jeff: *in George's voice* Now Biff, do you know if this in your insurance for your car?
Rob: Doing alright there Mike?
Mike: This is too much like real life sometimes.
Jeff: It's not about taxes at least.
Tommy: *in Biff's voice* My insurance!? It's your car, you cover it!
Lea: Ah yeah, not sure if you are covered much after a DWI.
Tommy: I think it depends on your insurance.

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