The WWWWH in Session 1
13th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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13th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

Honestly I didn't want to just paraphrase what was in the movie. It makes sense when you are writing a movie like Back to the Future, you gotta write in call backs.

I want to let you know. No one at this table really knows where this going. Some think they do. But they are wrong.

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Tommy:*in Biff's voice* Who's gonna pay for my cleaning bill?
Jeff: *in George's voice*Well I don't know...
Tommy:*in Biff's voice* How come you never know?!
Jeff: *in George's voice*That's because you scar-
Tommy:*in Biff's voice* By the way, where is my report?
Jeff: *in George's voice* It's almost done-!
Tommy:*in Biff's voice* When is the report going to get done?
Jeff: *in George's voice* Well it still needs a lot of edits, Sir.
Tommy:*in Biff's voice* Why can't you anything right, McFly?
Jeff: *in George's voice* I don't know, Biff.
Rob: Marty? Anything to add?
Mike:*in Marty's voice* You sure I am not adopted?
Rob: Yep.
Mike:*in Marty's voice* Mom, save me please!
Lea: *in Lorraine's voice* As soon as the plot let's me, dear.

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