Teenager, Hermit, and a Dog in Session 1
4th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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Teenager, Hermit, and a Dog

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4th May 2018, 11:00 AM

So Page two, I guess I should describe why Rob hates Frank Sinatra. It's simple really: He is played at work everyday and the songs never change. Luck be a Lady is originally a song from the musical, Guys and Dolls. The song is about the character Skye Masterson, rolling to get a bunch of guys to go to prayer meeting. It's a whole song about Luck and rolling dice. He has heard this song five times a week every week for who knows how long.
It haunts me too.

Anyway this page is hard to read, I went a bit wild, I promise it gets better. Plus you have the transcript down below.

See you on Sunday. (Su,W,F)

Rob: Alright Mike. I just got back all the info from Chris. He is going to call on his break.
Mike: That's good. Who is he playing?
Rob: An inventor scientist type. His Name is Emmett Brown but all his friends call him Doc.
Mike: Huh, that's going to be tricky since I am playing a teenager.
Rob: He also says he is going to come up with a good way to simulate randomness without dice.
Mike: Work still playing Sinatra huh?
Rob: "Luck be a Lady". Going to haunt my dreams forever I tell ya.
Mike: Anyway, how do you think we met?
Rob: He gave me some of his background info on his character. He is sort of a hermit though.
Mike: Then you gotta have something.
Rob: There's nothing here about how two could have- oh wait. He owns a dog.
Mike: Enough said! Marty is already there!

4th May 2018, 8:26 PM

Ah yes, the aged old mystery...why the heck is Marty apparently BFFs with a cooky crackpot inventor? Besides having evidently a suped up sound system for him to play guitar on.

[Spoiler Warning! Spoiler warning!] You could maybe make a case that Doc sought out Marty to befriend him after meeting him in the past, but that is just a weird line of thought that gets into all manner of causality and paradox headaches. Especially if you try and take into account the Telltale game...

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