My Beer in Session 1
15th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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My Beer

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15th Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

These players are all of age. Mostly because well, they are already adults. I don't think any of them are older than 32 but I haven't decided the exact ages of everyone.

Point is they can all drink beer.

Updates (sun, we, fri)


Tommy: It's okay Mike. I only became the villain to get information from Rob. If it helps, I can lay off.
Mike: That would help so much. It was just too heavy for me.
Rob: Heavy is good 80's lingo. Use it.
Tommy: I mean, I was gonna have Biff flick his nose or something.
Rob: That would have been too on the NOSE.
Tommy: HA! A-Anyhow, He already hit McFly's head so violence is out. Biff is going to go over to grab a beer instead.
Jeff: No! That's some how even worse!
Lea: For real?
Jeff: It's my beer Lea!
Mike: *in Marty's voice* My folks, everybody!

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