Did you know you are related? in Session 1
22nd Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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Did you know you are related?

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22nd Jun 2018, 11:00 AM

There is a lot of non canon stuff about uncle Joey, but ya know sometimes your own lore is fun. Now quick your own headcanons of why Joey is in jail.

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Lea: *In Lorraine's voice* So turns out Uncle Joey didn't make parole again.
Lea: This is the second time.
Mike: How did he not make parole? Or get in jail in the first place?
Lea: Nothing worth mentioning here.
Mike: Are the two of us friendly?
Lea: Rob? Thoughts?
Rob: It's up to you, but I am not against the two of you being friendly.
Lea: *In Lorraine's voice* It would be nice if everyone would drop him a line.
Mike: *in Marty's voice* Sure Ma. After this weekend.
Lea: *In Lorraine's voice* And the rest of you...?
Jeff: *in George's voice* Um...
Rob: *In Dave's voice* He's your brother Ma!
Lea: Thank you for clarifying?
Rob: *In Linda's voice* It's so embarrassing that he is our uncle.
Tommy: Okay now you're just repeating yourself.

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