Rock and Roll is Reckless, dude. in Session 1
6th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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Rock and Roll is Reckless, dude.

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6th May 2018, 11:00 AM

Page three:
The flow of the images is still a bit rough. The dialog boxes almost have a good flow but I have a long way to go. Gosh larger borders were a mistake. People is a weird looking word in this font.

Mike really is fitting into Marty's shoes well. Or at least thinking how a good chunk of teens think. Life is short right? Rob the DM knows more is going on though.

See you on Wednesday (Su,W,F)


Rob: So Doc isn't here. Does Marty want to look around?
Mike: I mean he knows the place pretty well, is there anything he would go toward at once?
Rob: Given Marty is a musician , his favorite thing is the giant amplifier.
Mike: I go there at once!
Rob: Wait are you really turning it on? But you don't even know if it is working.
Mike: It's a slice of life. No one is going to die. Relax Rob!
Rob: People die in real life every day from doing things they shouldn't, Mike.
Mike: Yeah, they do. For example they could die from boredom!
Rob: I can't believe you are gong to do this. You are so reckless!
Mike: *in Marty's voice* Reckless is my middle name!
Rob: Didn't you just tell me that his middle name is Seamus? Nice voice though Marty.

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