That's a car alright in Session 2
20th Jul 2018, 11:00 AM
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That's a car alright

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20th Jul 2018, 11:00 AM

Rob was originally less tired but then I dunno this page didn't have enough punch.

Sounds like a car though.

Updates (su, we, fr)

Chris: *In Doc's voice* Marty! I did it! Can you believe it?!
Mike: *In Marty's voice* That you built a car? Yes I can! You are pretty smart after all.
Chris: *In Doc's voice* No, Marty! It is so much more!
Mike: *In Marty's voice* I dunno Doc. It looks like just a car to me.
Chris: *In Doc's voice* Marty! It is the most important invention of our age. Why, with this car we will be able to see things that we can only dream-!
Mike: *In Marty's voice* Um Doc. I am sorry. But that honestly just sounds like a car.
Rob: Mike. Just let Chris show you.
Mike: For real, that's just a car missing a hood.
Rob: Good Lord...

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