Focus Mike in Session 2
27th Jul 2018, 11:00 AM
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Focus Mike

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27th Jul 2018, 11:00 AM

So I have an announcement: As this Sunday I am cutting down to just Sunday updates until October 3rd. Work keeps me busy and I am just tired. If I decide to do it earlier I will let you know but I am not uploading all three days until I have a backlog of 20 comics.

Updates (sunday)


Rob: Okay! Your dog is all set up for travel. How exactly are you going to get this to work Chris?
Chris: Truth be told the system of rolling was set up to match this sort of thing perfectly.
[Chris PASSES A NOTE to Rob]
Rob: Huh... Alright, well. Don't worry I am sure I can think of ways to make this harder in the future...
Chris: Don't laugh man.
Rob: Right, right. Let's start this baby up! The car's engine starts when Doc clicks on the remote. The numbers start rising.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* So you made a remo-
Chris: *In Doc's voice* Marty, this is going to be the greatest moment of the century. Film it.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* You got it!

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