Landing on your TAIL in Session 1
9th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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Landing on your TAIL

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9th May 2018, 11:00 AM

This is one of the early pages I am proud of. It has the easiest to read flow. It has a good joke and the screencaps, while not the most clean, feel more real that way. 8/10

Rob like Puns. I am still not sure if "Time to Rock and Roll" sounds good. Books fall on you still makes me laugh though. It's all good.

See you Friday. (Su,W,F)

Mike: If we aren't using dice, how are we gonna decide what happens?
Rob: I will flip a coin I guess?
Mike: *In Marty's voice* Time to rock and roll!
Rob: Okay sure, you say that now, just you wait...
*Rob flips a coin*
Rob: Tails. The whole thing explodes.
Mike: Welp!
Rob: You land on the couch, on your ass.
Mike: Okay, that's not too bad.
Rob: Books fall on you.
Mike: *in Marty's voice* OW!
Rob: You are fine, but the amp is totally wrecked.
Rob: What's up Mike?
Mike:... I am just stunned because I have been here for almost an hour and that was your first pun.
Rob: If I did them all the time, how would it be fun?

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