Out of what now? in Session 2
2nd Feb 2020, 10:00 AM
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Out of what now?

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2nd Feb 2020, 10:00 AM

So I really tried to work on more, but in the main story I only manage to get seven pages of this comic done and a flashback comic that I am planning had 11 finished.

Just you have to understand how hard it is just having two players and the GM just talking, I know I just need to power through but, OH BOY.

I have been considering removing the borders from the panels and bubbles, I honestly think it looks really good and I plan to use that format for my flashback comic, but for current age WDNR I am still not sure. These pages are gonna look a bit off so buckle up!

Next Page: March 1st


Mike: Well now that, THAT happened: Is there anything else I see?

: The license plate is spinning on the ground. The "number" is O U T A T I M E.

Mike: Can I pick it up?

Rob: You can try.

Mike (as Marty): Still can't believe you murdered your dog.

Chris (as Doc: Marty! My young friend, it wasn't murder! It was time travel!

Rob: Negative 27.

Mike: I mean I would have dropped it anyway. Hold on...

Mike (as Marty): DOC! You made a time machine!?

Chris (as Doc): Hang on I got my second speech ready.

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