Time stops the heart in Session 2
5th Apr 2020, 10:00 AM
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Time stops the heart

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Author Notes:
5th Apr 2020, 10:00 AM

LAST MONTH OF JUST MONTHLY UPDATES. While I have been, not busy. But I am hecka stressed. You know why. I am surprised I am mentally able to even be able to update this. But ya know, I decided I am gonna start uploading my bonus comic. It's a flashback campaign so I will be starting on the first day of the month!

So this is the Upload schedule for May 2020:
MAY 1st Friday (BONUS COMIC)
May 3rd Sunday (standard wdnr)
May 15th Friday (BONUS COMIC)
May 17th Sunday (standard wdnr)
May 29th Friday (BONUS COMIC)
May 31st Sunday (standard wdnr)

Stay safe, wash your hands


Mike: You all went pretty far just fo-

[Sound of a small alarm going off: "BEEP"]

: Wait what was that set for- Oh No!

Rob (GM)
: Positive 28. There is a bright flash of blue light as the car comes back from, well, when you last saw it. Good news guys! You are both alive.

Chris: (Sounds exasperated) Yahoo...

Mike: Marty's heart stopped.

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