Infodump: The Page in Session 1
11th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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Infodump: The Page

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11th May 2018, 11:00 AM

And right back to bad flow. I tried to get all the dialog on the page and it's just a disaster. This is why I have the transcript. That and I really like when Darths and Droids does it.

Here is Chris' half introduction. He is the second autistic character in the comic. (The first being Rob) He is based loosely off of a friend of mine. In that I thought about it and was like, "Yeah my friend is like Chris."
Also the introduction of how the game will be played. It was an idea that sort of just hit me out of no where. Like the best ideas do, like a bunch of alarms going off at the same time do.

See you on Sunday. (Su,W,F)

Transcript (aka: what you are all here for)

Phone rings twice.

Mike: Hey is that Chris?
Rob: Yeah. I'm gonna put him on speaker. Hey Chris. What's up?
Chris: *over the phone* Alright I don't have long because I am on my break. Is Mike there?
Rob: Yeah.
Mike: Where else would I be exactly?
Chris: *over the phone* Good. Good. Listen I thought of a way to get the plot rolling, and well, how to actually roll.
Mike: Sweet.
Rob: Do tell.
Chris: *cover the phone* I found an integer program online. Each number will represent factors of the world. Range, for now, is -100 to 100. Negative is good for villains. Bad for good folks. Then flipped for the positives.
Mike: Okay...
Chris: *over the phone* It's like rolling but not really!
Rob: That's cool...
Mike: That's great Chris, but we need to move the plot along.
Chris: *over the phone* Oh Rob, I already sent you a text about that.
Rob: You did..? Oh. So all of Doc's clocks are twenty-five minutes slow. He has, *unsure* eighty clocks, they all went off.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* And they said rock music would ruin my hearing.
Chris: *over the phone* See you two after my shift tonight.
Mike: Sure...

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