Roll or you die, in NYC in Flashback Chapter: Oliver
15th May 2020, 10:00 AM
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Roll or you die, in NYC

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Author Notes:
15th May 2020, 10:00 AM

Well I am not getting much work done but gosh darn it I am trying.

Welcome to page two where we learn who is playing Oliver. A friend of Mike's. What sort of journey will this bring?
Turn in on the 29th for the next Oliver page.

WDNR page will be this Sunday.

Mike: You alright Cooper?
Cooper: *Sniff* I..guess?
Bill (DM): Don't worry the three of us are gonna have a little.. chat.
Dan (DM?): Oh that's how it is, huh Billy?
Bill (DM): I should really kick your ass Danny.
Bill (DM?): So it has been decided, in order to have this run go well for both Mike and Cooper-
Mike (DM): *shouting* I am gonna Dm.
Cooper: You...are?
Julio: Yo Bill, you sure he is ready?
Mike: *shouting* Roll or you die!
Cooper (as Oliver): AH!
Mike as DM: And 15!
Bill: Oh he's ready.

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