Feel the beat in your- AHHHH in Flashback Chapter: Oliver
29th May 2020, 10:00 AM
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Feel the beat in your- AHHHH

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Author Notes:
29th May 2020, 10:00 AM

It is nice to cut parts of the movie that don't follow as well. You don't want to watch a kid fail rolls for like ten pages do ya?
Side note: every Oliver is cute.

Next Flashback comic is June 6th, 11 am est.
Next wdnr is this Sunday.


Mike as GM: Now that's all done. Cooper, tell me about your character!
Cooper: His name is Oliver, a Kitten! He is looking for a place to belong.
Mike as GM: Well I hope I can help him find a place too! Why don't you roll to see if you find anyone who looks up your alley. Okay a 16! You see a young man listening and dancing along to a hip hop song on his boom box.
Cooper: I chase after him!
Mike as GM: Well, You make it out of the foot traffic in time!
Cooper: Ughh, I forgot this was a city
Cooper as Oliver: this is hopeless
Bill: Time for me already?

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