Dog years in Session 2
31st May 2020, 10:00 AM
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Dog years

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31st May 2020, 10:00 AM

So this month I finally pushed through my block and made a few new we don't need rolls pages!
The same can't be said for the flashback comics, but I still have like ten of those.
Next month is as follows
Every Friday: Flashback Comic
Every Sunday: We don't need rolls page


Chris as Doc: This is also something that matters, Marty! My dog has skipped forward one minute in time!
Rob the GM: How long would that be from his perspective?
Chris: About seven minutes, I think.
Mike: Wait, I thought that was the rate for cat years.
Rob the GM: Actually dogs don't age on a straight line, neither do cats.
Mike: Wait, the cat years thing is wrong?
Chris: Yes, cats and dogs become adults much faster than- Wait, nevermind all that..!
Chris as Doc: Let me show you the time machine!

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