5th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM
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5th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM

Another flash back page, another cute as heck Oliver.
It is fun to think of Mikey making a character to be like his dad in what would be the first time playing with his whole band.

The last line works just as well as if Bill is saying it out of character but knowing what is to come, it really works coming from Dodger.

Next flashback page, next Friday.
We don't need rolls is next Sunday.


Mike the DM: You catch a whiff of something, a truly wonderful. A mix of various meats all coming together in one perfect aroma leading you to......
Cooper: Hot dogs?
Cooper as Oliver: Hot Dogs!
Mike the DM: Unfortunately you forgot to roll for stealth so the vendor ushers you away... He's actually pretty calm as far as 24/7 pissed off New Yorkers go.
Bill as Dodger: Seems like you need help from yours truly!
Bill: Dodger is a terrier mix. A hot dog. Mikey made him to be a lot like me in the late 80s. He-
Juilo: Uhh Bill..?
Mike the DM: Cooper, stop rolling.
Cooper as Oliver: HOT DOGS OR DEATH!
Dan: Holy-
Bill as Dodger: Well I know what we are getting for dinner...

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