Model Maker in Session 2
7th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM
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Model Maker

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7th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM

I like how the big red button on time circuits is labeled RESET, because one would normally see a big red button and think " Power on" or "Self-destruct". So Doc put the label on it in case he forgot.

Hey to the maybe ten people still reading this: I wanna hear about cool crafts/models you or your group made for your tabletop game.

Flashback page every Friday this month.
WDNR every Sunday.


Chris as Doc: So of course the first thing you do is turn on the car, you do that on the time circuits! That turns on everything that's needed for time travel.
Chris: It's all on the model.
Mike: I'm still in shock you made the model as well as you did.
Chris: Under doing my work isn't my style, Mike.
Rob the DM: Anyhow, as Doc turns the keys the car springs back to life! Doc starts to go over the time board.
[Sounds of BEEP VRRRR and HUMM]
Chris as Doc: You are recording, right Marty?
Mike as Marty: O-of course! haha!
Rob the Dm: ...

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