12th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM
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Trash Dog

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12th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM

Oliver still affected by the dogs that attacked him last night. Dodger doesn't have this knowledge of the attack but Bill does and softens the way he talks. It could be seen as out of character knowledge, if Oliver didn't just yell at him. De-escalation is a skill Dodger has being the smooth talker he is. Yelling at yelling doesn't help in most cases.

Story time: when is a time where you used your de-escalation skills to help the party?

Flashback comic next Friday.
We don't need rolls on Sunday


Mike the DM: SO, what have we learned?
Cooper: Multi-Rolling is pointless.
Bill as Dodger: Not if you go about it that way kiddo.
Cooper as Oliver: Who said that?
Mike the DM: Dodger is rolling on a trash can above you.
Bill as Dodger: Ya see Kid-
Cooper as Oliver: BACK OFF!
Bill as Dodger: Tisk Tisk, such hostility
Bill: Understandable hostility but still... Dodger jumps down to talk.
Bill as Dodger: Listen kid, you and me, we're after the same thing.
Cooper as Oliver: Equal housing and clean water?
Bill: Ha-
Bill as Dodger: Ha! Of course! But right now let's work feeding ourselves.

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