Anywhen in Session 2
14th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM
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14th Jun 2020, 10:00 AM

Is traveling through time technically traveling through space??? Who knows, I don't have time to question it, it's backstory time!
This the second to last comic I did before I re-tooled how I did these. I wonder if it will show?

Flashback comic on Fridays
WDNR on Sundays

If you count the taps it is equal to typing in:
11 05 1955


Chris as Doc: So as you can see the top line is when you are going. The middle one is when you are. The bottom one is for when you were. All you need to do is set the time you need on the keypad and you can get anywhen.
Mike as Marty: Anywhen?
Chris as Doc: Yep. Anywhen. It only moves through time. Who needs to traverse space when you have a car?
Rob the DM: Plus passports are hard to acquire. For now...
[The sound of eight TAPS and one CLICK can be heard as Chris talks]
Mike: Uhh what are you putting in there, Chris?
Chris: Well you see Mike-
Chris as Doc: On November 5th 1955...
Mike: It's backstory time isn't it?
Rob the DM: Haha!

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