New Player to the Rescue in Session 1
18th May 2018, 11:00 AM
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New Player to the Rescue

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18th May 2018, 11:00 AM

Note if you ever do a transcript. Put it in another spot before trying to upload the page or else don't copy anything else. I almost had to rewrite the whole transcript. Because of a page crash.

Now on to real comments.
This page has:
Set up for future comics.
Font used from BttF 2.
Lea is here (insert happy horn section)


Mike: Well that was a good test run. But I would prefer if we go back to roleplaying.
Rob: Sure thing!
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* You are a failure, like your old man. All McFlys are failures. You hang around with Doctor Brown, who owns more than sixty clocks and you can't even ask him for a watch so you aren't late? Slacker!
Mike: Ouch. Getting kinda of meta there, aren't we? How would he know that?
Rob: This is your second late slip and he has been working at this school for forty years. He knows things.
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* Why did you bother putting your name on the roster for the band auditions? We both know you are going to chicken out!
Mike: *In Marty's voice* Hey, I am not a chic-
Rob: Hang on! He's not done. He grabs you by your jean jacket and gets really close. Your noses are almost touching. Your eyes are locked.
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* All McFlys are chickens. It's in your blood!
Mike: Welp I' uncomfortable!
*Door creaks open*
Lea: Hello anybody home?
Mike: Lea! Good! We can take a break now!

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